BONUS HK s.r.o.

Company BONUS HK was established in 1993. Since the establishment it became step-by-step an exclusive representative of several European producers for the Czech Republic and Slovakia mainly in the area of packaging materials for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry and in the area of technologies and machine equipment for glass industry.




Our company represents leading European producers and suppliers as:

   The company Bilcare Research located in Germany and Italy is leading manufacturer of calendered rigid films. They produce and deliver plastic thermoforming films for pharmaceutical industry - standard pharmaceutical blister packaging, films for ampoules packaging and suppositories packaging. Bilcare Research is also supplier of shrink PVC films; films for print market and rigid PVC films for the manufacture of office and organisational aids; visual packaging; decorative films for furniture industry and technical applications.

   We also represent some parts from multinational group AMCOR FLEXIBLES which produces foils for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry; aluminium foils mainly for dairy; Al foils for technical applications and subsequent processing (printing, laminating, die cutting). The production plants are located in Germany, Swiss, Italy, France, Poland and Spain.

   We work also as a representative of the glass tubing vials and ampoules producer with the production plants in France – Nipro PharmaPackaging France, in Belgium – Nipro PharmaPackaging Belgium and in Germany - Nipro PharmaPackaging Germany.

   Croatian producer ACG Lukaps which is a part of group ACG Worldwide and produces hard gelatine and cellulose capsules.

   French producer EMA Pharmaceuticals produces a wide variety of caps which fit to the standard glass bottle necks and offers a large colour palette of aluminium and of plastic covers.

   The Italian producer EMMETI ( is the eminent producer of palletizers, depalletizers and robots palletizers both for packaging producers (glass, plastics, metals and others) and for packaging users (producers of food, drinks, dry goods and others).

   The Italian producer BOTTERO ( delivers machines as well as all equipment for processing glass containers like bottles, jars and others.

   The Portuguese producer Vidromecanica (, manufactures thermal equipment (for annealing, decorating and tempering) and equipment for coating treatment (hot-end coating and cold-end coating) for the glass industry.

   The Italian producer PolarisAutomazioni ( produces bottling lines especially for filling liquors, spirits, oil and vinegar, at low speed but in automatic mode, in glass and/or plastic bottles of any size and shape.